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September 8th, 2016 by J

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If her husband, John Travolta, enjoys licking faces like what he did in the film Face Off, Kelly Preston has a knack for spitting and we can only imagine how she’d beat Leo DiCarpio on the set of Titanic if they spit on people’s faces from that massive ship. But we’re not going to discuss more kinky fetishes of any sort, just wanted to describe how Preston showed off hers in this hot leaked masturbation video. Exposing her fine sexy body and those supposedly secret ink and pussy piercing just made the world stop spinning for a while as we all watch her play. She’s so damn hot while pleasuring herself. Finger-banging that shaven cunt and bending over, imagining you fucking her hard. Go ahead and jack off to this hot babe and hear her moan as she cums and almost passes out from extreme ecstasy. You’d be wanting to see more of her and in a wilder naughty action, I bet.

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April 18th, 2016 by J

Former model and actress, Kelly Preston, has no doubt remained the gorgeous and charming woman for years. Married to John Travolta for over a decade, can’t help but wonder what made the two click and stick. Aside from having kids together, both are pretty busy with their acting career in films and TV shows. But in all the busy schedules there must always be a time to put everything else into a halt and enjoy me time. Preston knows too well how she’d spend her free time for herself but this includes her husband on the sides. She’d let him film her as she plays with her cunt in the nude using her fingers and her favorite huge dildo. She likes making her hubby watch as this triggers her desire to show off her squirting skill, which she does quite effortlessly. No face offs needed, no pretensions or role plays, Kelly likes it raw and plain. Just a comfy couch where she’d position her sexy naked body, her toy to hit a home run on her G-spot, and her husband to cheer her on as he gets a huge boner while recording this naughty lil masturbation clip.

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August 13th, 2010 by kell

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Kelly Preston shocked the whole of Hollywood with her hot and heavy extended make-out scene with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine in the She Will Be Loved music video. Even though she’s past forty and already a mother, Kelly Preston’s front assets remain voluptuous and fantastic to look at. And after giving birth, Kelly’s breasts just became bigger and yummier. Truly awe-inspiring, her mamaries are showcased in these sample pictures from Kelly Preston Nude. To check out more smoking hot Kelly Preston nude pictures, just click on the link.

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Kelly Preston is a very sexy actress whose body of work is often overshadowed by her famous marriage to actor John Travolta. Feel free to enjoy the pictures of her breasts as only we can present to you. She looks awesome in this small gallery of topless images. Be sure to check out the other photos available here. Just click the link and get more photos of Kelly Preston and her hot cougar body! In her younger days, this hottie is famous for doing nude scenes in movies. Now, she is one certified hot MIFL!

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March 24th, 2010 by kell

More proof that Kelly Preston is a pro at showing her tits: another 80’s teen movie entitled Secret Admirer, where our gorgeous celebrity MILF starred as the popular girl Deborah Ann secretly chased after by the main character. Obviously, as given by these screens, he gets to her, in this hot car sex scene that gives us another view of Kelly Preston’s huge titties. Man, this makes me want to turn back time when a was younger, when I was still new to sex, and I’d definitely hunt down Kelly Preston so I can fuck her in the backseat, and drill her pussy so hard we’ll rock the car off its tires. I’ve never fucked a chick in the backseat before though, and just thinking of it is making me want to jack off while looking at pictures of Kelly Preston getting fucked.

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Here’s a couple of hot fake pictures of Kelly Preston getting her fill of cock. If it’s a hot celebrity MILF gunning down young men to ease her sexual appetite you’re looking for, look no further than here, because while Kelly Preston’s a bit on the used side as a celebrity, her pussy is still good to go, as you can see with the action she delivers from having a cock standing in attention in and close to her pussy. You can see that Kelly Preston is a pro at handling cock and taking control of the fuck positions by riding the lucky stud’s cock and driving her pussy up and down it.

And if Kelly Preston was as adventurous in her sex life as she is portrayed here bending her ass over for the tow truck man’s cock, then by god, everyone here has a good chance at getting to her pussy and fucking it raw. Everyone can fill her pussy up with cum, or if she’s too full to be loaded with your jizz, she’ll happily part her lips so you can spray her face and her mouth with your cum.

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March 24th, 2010 by kell

Back in the day, Kelly Preston was Hollywood’s Vanessa Hudgens, playing the romantic teen flicks of her generation. But back then, instead of having to wait for Kelly’s pussy to itch so she can take nude pictures with her polaroid and have them leaked in the news, she just took the liberty of taking her top off and showing her tits on the movie screen. I guess, that way, she wouldn’t get slammed for showing her tits to the public while still showing the guys that she’s ready to get more risque and wild.

In the romantic comedy movie Mischief, Kelly Preston plays the sexy teen Marilyn who is featured in a barely-legal sex scene with a young guy. The dude gets to take Kelly’s bra off, exposing her nice-sized tits, and she leads him to the bed to give him his first fuck. We even get to see glimpse of Kelly Preston’s nubile pussy hair, thick and innocent in its wildness.

If I was that guy getting his first fuck from a hot chick like Kelly Preston, I’d consider myself the luckiest virgin in the world. Unfortunately, I’ve already had too many fucks to be called a first timer, but at least, I can relive my first taste of pussy by watching Kelly Preston’s hot fuck scene in Mischief.